Cartoon representation of Gordon Campbel
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Barry Forgie conducting BBC Big Band
Gordon Campbell is a superlative lead trombone player and a sensitive soloist with a trombone sound to die for. Not only has he mastered all the styles of trombone playing but has just as comprehensive a grasp of the power of humour. You could say he has everything from "Trombonology" to" Kidology." After working with him for more than twenty five years in the BBC Orchestras and beyond, I still mentally check that everything he says to me is for real and not the beginning of another of his subtle humorous set ups! Barry Forgie
Photo of Big Band leader and renowned trombonist Jiggs Whigham
It has been my great pleasure to know Gordon Campbell for many years. Both his musicianship and personality are a clear reflection of what he's all about: QUALITY! I've always been a fan of his playing and having the opportunity to experience his excellence on a regular basis with the great BBC Big Band deepened my admiration and respect. The term 'great' is often overused - certainly not so in Gordon's case.... he is fantastic! Jiggs Whigham
Photo of BBC Radio 2 presenter Ken Bruce
Gordon Campbell is without doubt the finest trombone player of his generation. Mind you, there's not many of his generation left Ken Bruce
Well known jazz artist and BBC Radio 2 presenter Claire Teal
After weeks of wracking my brain for the perfect witty quip / pithy putdown, I find myself in the embarrassing position of being unable to say anything remotely unpleasant about the man - Gordon Campbell - a brilliant musician and an absolute top bloke xxx Clare Teal
Orchestra leader John Wilson
It is safe to say, without fear of exaggeration, that Gordon Campbell's trombone playing is one of the great glories of British musical life. He stands alone in terms of phrasing – nobody can play a ballad like him – and his tone is matchless. Gordon is admired by fellow trombonists the world over. He adds a touch of class to any group or orchestra in which he plays. John Wilson
Renowned Jazz artist and radio presenter Claire Martin
As a person and a player, Gordon oozes good taste, sensitivity, sass and swing. His boundless energy and sense of humour make him a joy to be around. He knows a thing or two about whiskey as kind of guy. Claire Martin
The late Sheila Tracy: trombonist, presenter
Gordon is without doubt the finest ballad player in the country, taking over from Don Lusher. But beware, he'll pull your leg unmercifully while keeping a perfectly straight face! Sheila Tracy